So good, we had to keep her!

After completing an internship at The Health Eating Hub as part of my degree in nutrition, I was lucky enough to stay on and become part of the awesome team. At university, I found myself in a health subject almost by accident but enjoyed the content so much that I enrolled into a nutrition degree. Food and nutrition is such a huge topic with so many interesting areas, I find it tricky to narrow it down. I am yet to concentrate on a particular area as I am still learning so much, perhaps one day I’ll focus on the psychology and behaviour of eating, specialise in gut health or work with sustainable food systems. One of the aspects of nutrition that is always engaging is how to find that perfect balance for you. We all eat, not only to survive, but also to make us feel good. Whether that be through how tasty the food is or how it nourishes and energises us, it’s about finding a balance where you enjoy the food you eat and it makes you feel your best!

You will meet me at The Hub mostly conducting body composition scans. The scans are a quick and easy way to get an informative snapshot of what your body is made up of (so much more information than just how much you weigh).  You might also catch me at reception or in other roles, learning the ropes from the rest of the team.

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Q&A with Camille

What’s your favourite food?

This is very mood dependent! I know, how cliché, but if I really had to pick, would be pizza or pasta, those ‘customizable’ foods that you can add all sorts of different ingredients to.

What’s your favourite cooking method?

Baking- sweet and savoury, an easy way to get everything delicious and crispy.

How did you become interested in nutrition?

Almost by accident! I started out in a psychology degree but enjoyed the health electives so much I changed my degree.

What’s your superpower?

Can taste the smallest amount of spice/chilli in any food and can snack while simultaneously making a snack.

5 organisation tips that help you eat well:

  1. Invest a little time (and maybe money) in finding kitchen appliances that you enjoy using, a sharp knife or the perfect size pan does wonders.
  2. Have foods handy that satisfy those afternoon sugar cravings, dark chocolate and blueberries are a current fav.
  3. Aim for colourful foods in your shopping and on your plate, aesthetic and delicious.
  4. Have a few REALLY simple healthy meals that you enjoy and take no brain power to whip up.
  5. Compile a bank of ‘want to try’ recipes that you can easily refer to when you’re in the mood for something different.