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When you can see, smell, touch and get hands on with your food – you’ll learn habits that last a lifetime.

What are Kitchen Consultations?

It’s one thing to know nutrition information, it’s an entirely different thing to translate that information into a meal on your plate, 3 times a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year… and it has to taste good, not cost too much, satisfy your fussy partner or your four kids and not take you too long to prepare.

Phew! Sound like hard work? Not to us.

The Healthy Eating Clinic’s Kitchen Consultations are a revolutionary concept.

They combine a practical, hands on cooking experience in our demonstration kitchens with individualised nutrition advice from your practitioner. We’ve specifically designed them to teach you good eating habits for life through the ability to touch, taste, cook and smell as well as talk about applying healthy advice to your own life!

Why do a Kitchen Consultation?


Kitchen consultations are all about everyday cooking. You’ll learn simple cooking skills to help you whip up quick, healthy food each and everyday.


Kitchen consultations are all about teaching you to use fresh food, particularly fruits and vegetables!


Kitchen consultations are not about restriction or food elimination. We believe in eating all foods, concentrating on the ones that nourish us the most.


Kitchen consultations are convenient. They run for 30 minutes each, Monday – Friday. Why so short? We want to prove to you that you don’t actually need that much time to prepare and cook a healthy meal. Let us show you how!

How it Works

Step 1: Book a First Consultation with one of our deititians.

Step 2: Discuss your goals, food preferences and diet history at your first appointment.

Step 3: We’ll map out a plan of kitchen consultation topics that suit YOUR life.

Step 4: Pay for your kitchen consultations in advance and book them in!

dietitian, dietitians, healthy eating, nutrition


Kitchen consultations are flexible and focus on giving you the relevant skills to build a healthy diet. You can pick from any of our fantastic topics and your practitioner will focus on the individual points that are applicable to you, and your lifestyle.

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Please contact us to book an appointment or find out more. Our team is keen to do some cooking demos with you!

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