Hi, I’m Lauren!

I am one of the newest additions to the customer service team at The Healthy Eating Clinic. I will be here to welcome you on arrival, assist with any questions or queries you may have and to ensure you have an enjoyable experience with our excellent team.

After being an all-star cheerleader for 10 years, I found I was naturally an active person. When I left college, I studied to become a Personal trainer and it was here that my passion for health and fitness blossomed. I am extremely passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and have just recently transitioned from Personal Training to follow through with my interest in nutrition. I am looking forward to the future and where my path directs me in this field. My role at The Healthy Eating Clinic is the perfect balance of customer service that I thrive in, and I am grateful for the opportunity to play a role in a client’s journey.

Q&A with Lauren

What’s your favourite food?

Oooo, the best question! I am a big lover of Italian food. Pizza and pasta are always my favourite go-to when I like to enjoy a meal out.

How did you become interested in nutrition?

My interest in nutrition grew from a background of sporting experience as a teenager especially being an all-star cheerleader for 10+ years. Due to being very active during my childhood, I naturally enjoyed moving my body and found a passion for nutrition, eating well and fuelling my activity. From there, I worked on and off in the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for the past 2 years. I absolutely love being a part of any client’s journey and making steps in the direction to better themselves and live the best lifestyle they can that suits their needs and preferences. Having experience in coaching and the gym myself, I have found how important it is for individuals to understand and be educated on fuelling your body correctly with the best quality food for optimal performance, recovery, and general wellbeing. I am beyond excited and intrigued to see where this path leads in the future.

3 organisation tips  that help you eat well:

  1. Water before coffee in the morning. – Simple, but a great habit to ensure you drink water as soon as you wake before reaching for your morning coffee.
  2. Depending on the week, if I am very busy with commitments, I always ‘food prep’. I rarely meal prep but love the term food prep. At the start of the week, I choose my source of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vegetables that I will eat. After this, I will prep my food to make it easier and time free during the week to have it ready. I find it much easier when all my steamed vegetables are cooked and all I need to do is heat it up!
  3. Definitely keep a snack in your car! This is a good idea if you get caught up out of the house for longer than you expected and you start to get HANGRY. Having a banana, apple, corn thins or muesli bar are better options to reach for them then something that doesn’t align with your goals or lifestyle.