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Our 12-week program helps people experiencing depression or low mood who want to feel happier, less stressed and good about their food choices.

We do this by optimising your diet quality based on the latest scientific evidence and help you stick to it by making healthy eating easier and breaking it down into small achievable steps.

Research has shown that optimising your diet for adequate nutrition combined with counselling and/or medication is associated with improvement in symptoms of poor mental health.

Compliment your current mental health care plan with good nutrition.

We’ve created a unique program, based on science and delivered in a supportive, non-judgemental environment, to help you feel good again!

Supporting Your Mental Health

This program is to be used as a complement to existing treatment options for poor mental health.

Diet Quality

The latest research indicates that high diet quality can reduce depressive symptoms in people with mild to severe depression.


We strongly recommend that participants continue to take their medications as prescribed by their doctor.


We strongly recommend that participants continue to engage in regular therapy with a psychologist or qualified counsellor.

Read the Scientific Evidence Summary
dietitian, dietitians, healthy eating, nutrition


Calorie restriction or a strict fad diet is not the right approach to support your mental health.

More and more research is supporting the notion that our diet influences our mental health and overall mood, with recent studies showing a link between non-calorie restricted diets and reducing symptoms of individuals with mild to severe non-diagnosed or diagnosed depression.

Our goal is to empower you to include more nourishing foods into your day, help you feel full and satisfied to ensure your body (and your mind) has everything it needs to function at it’s best!

No drastic changes required.

The best diet for you and your mental and physical health is the one that you can stick to long term.

Change is hard, especially when you try to change everything all at once. We break down big changes into small achievable steps, so you can be successful!



dietitian, dietitians, healthy eating, nutrition


Do you feel that your mental health gets in the way of healthy eating?

We completely understand and have created this program with you in mind. We’ll focus you on taking small, achievable steps to change your eating habits and teach you what foods to eat to boost your mood and feel great each day.

Plus, we also take into account your family, lifestyle, food preferences and work within that! You never have to eat anything you don’t like!

dietitian, dietitians, healthy eating, nutrition


If you’ve tried to change your eating habits before and felt like it’s all too hard, we’d like to show you another way!

We’ll teach you how to eat healthy to boost your mood and make it easy to put a healthy meal on your plate that tastes great and keeps you feeling full and satisfied.

Want more nourishment and less retraction in your life? Here’s how:

  • We’ll provide you with accountability and commitment.

  • We’ll teach you how to eat well even when you’re feeling down.

  • We’ll break big changes down into small achievable steps.

  • Our one-on-one consulting helps you overcome your specific challenges and barriers.

  • We’re super encouraging and non-judgemental.

  • We’ll teach you practical skills to make the whole process easier.

dietitian, dietitians, healthy eating, nutrition


My dietitian helped me feel comfortable. Was kind and non-judgemental and is willing to take things slowly and without pressure or expectations.

Rheanna, Client

The appointment strongly reflected the ethics and motivation that is advertised from the business. When you go to a dietitian, you need to open your life & your refrigerator to them – which can get very emotive. There’s so much conflicting “advice” out there regarding food, it is genuinely inspiring to have a business deliver advice & enthusiasm & (Shock! Horror!) evidence! Thanks for staying true to your message.

Jane, Client

My dietitian always brings such clarity to our meetings. She is warm, clear and so supportive. I came to our meeting today feeling quite down on myself. She pointed out the things that I have been doing that are really important and helpful and then gave me practical steps to help me move forward to achieve my goals.

Laura, Client

I have been to other Dietitians before and have never felt so positive after a session. Plus I found everything was explained in a way I understood. Thank you

Julie , Client

They were all wonderful and friendly when I was a bit nervous and I do feel more empowered to reach and maintain my goals.

Abhijeet, Client

All the staff were friendly, attentive and helpful. I left feeling motivated and uplifted.

Holly-Maree, Client

The Healthy Eating Clinic is a professional and friendly service, I’m always met with a smile & friendly face as I arrive. The advice provided has been great & very easy to follow and integrate into my life.

Alexia , Client
dietitian, dietitians, healthy eating, nutrition


Here’s everything you’ll get with your 12-week mental health care program.

All you need is a willingness to learn and a desire to ditch perfection and embrace small, consistent changes. We’ll take it from there!

One-On-One Consultations

Meet with your dietitian for eight sessions over 12 weeks for education, support, accountability and encouragement. Program includes:

  • 2x 1-hour consultations
  • 6x 30-minute consultations

Complete the program from the comfort of your own home, or come into the clinic.

Recipes and Food Inspiration

Be inspired to improve your diet quality with our easy recipes and meal ideas.

Over the 12-week program, we’ll offer you lots of inspiration with a key focus on meals and snacks that are tasty, easy and convenient so that you can make healthy foods choices even on your toughest day.

Evidence Based Nutrition

We’ve spent time gathering the latest research on diet and mental health and pulling it together into a high quality, science backed program.

We strongly encourage all participants to continue with existing treatments and/or engage with their GP to ensure they’re getting the right support from other health professionals.

Resources & Tools

This program is set up with the understanding that when you’re struggling with poor mental health your motivation and energy can be lacking and even small tasks can feel overwhelming.

You’ll receive a suite of practical resources and tools designed to help you overcome your barriers and succeed.

One-on-One Sessions

dietitian, dietitians

This program is available online via video or face-to-face at our Woden and Gungahlin clinics.

All 8 consultations are booked in advance at a time that suits you best.*

Start anytime.

* While we’ll endeavour to give you the time that suits you, we’re experiencing high booking volume and may not be able to accommodate all booking requests.

Download the Program Outline

dietitian, dietitians

Download the full 12-week program to see what we’ll cover in your consultations.


Private Health Insurance

dietitian, dietitians

Please check with your health fund prior to purchasing to discuss whether pre-paid programs with a dietitian are covered with your insurance.

This is at the discretion of the insurer and out of our control.

Please contact us to chat more.

dietitian, dietitians, healthy eating, nutrition


$729 upfront, one-off payment

Limited spots available. Places offered to those who express their interest below.


  • One-on-one Consultations – valued at $880

  • Recipes and Resources – valued at $40

This program is valued at over $970 if you were to purchase these services separately. You save 25% when you commit to 12-weeks.

dietitian, dietitians, healthy eating, nutrition



This program will be launched very soon. Express your interest below if you’d like to be notified when places become available.