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Our 12-week weight loss program helps you make realistic and sustainable changes to your diet and get results without restrictive eating practices.

Let us take care of YOU for a change with individualised and tailored nutrition advice that works.

Feel confident, empowered and back in control to choose foods that make you feel full, satisfied and nourished all while you build the skills to maintain your weight loss long term!

No drastic changes required. We’ll work with you individually and create a plan especially for you! How good would it be to finally ditch those unwanted food habits? We can help you do it!

dietitian, dietitians, healthy eating, nutrition


Good nutrition that gets results doesn’t have to be boring, restrictive or tasteless!

Our goal is for you to enjoy your life again! To enjoy food. To enjoy being with your family and friends. To enjoy being active. To enjoy the things you love. We want you to LIVE again!

You can eat your favourite food, engage in your favourite activities, learn to accept the skin you’re in even while you’re losing weight.

That’s why we specialise in helping you lose weight in the same way you intend on maintaining it for the rest of your life.

How do we do this? By making healthy eating a part of your daily life!



dietitian, dietitians, healthy eating, nutrition


Do you feel overwhelmed and confused by all the mixed messages about food?

We get it! As qualified nutrition professionals, we’ll only offer you sensible, evidenced based advice that you can trust! We offer this advice with inspiring meal and snack ideas, recipes, meal planning guides, resources and much more.

Plus, we also take into account your family, lifestyle, food preferences and work within that! You never have to eat anything you don’t like!

dietitian, dietitians, healthy eating, nutrition


If you’ve tried to lose weight before without success, then you might feel like this is unachievable. We understand.

Behaviour change is tough. It takes time and requires you to prioritise yourself. Because of this, it’s common for a big weight loss goal to feel out of reach. You’ve got no time, no willpower, no motivation. Maybe you feel: “It’s too late for me!” or maybe you feel like making the change is too big and the amount of effort and change required isn’t worth it.

We’d like to change all of that for you! Here’s how:

  • We’ll keep you accountable and on track.

  • We’ll teach you how to lose weight without willpower.

  • We’ll break big changes down into small achievable steps.

  • Our one-on-one consulting helps you overcome your specific challenges and barriers.

  • We’re super encouraging and non-judgemental.

dietitian, dietitians, healthy eating, nutrition


I highly recommend the clinic if you need some help and guidance with your nutritional plan. They were extremely friendly, asked me about my day to day routines, work and personal life to make sure I was provided a meal plan that would suit my individual needs, goals and lifestyle. It was great having someone actually listen to what I need and not just provide a one size fits all meal plan.

Nadia Fry, Client

They are super friendly, know their stuff and are supportive of those on a vegan diet, so long as they are meeting their nutritional needs, which is naturally their area of expertise. I attended the Healthy Eating Clinic after receiving a very tough diagnosis from Canberra hospital but left my session feeling a lot more optimistic about my diet and my future.

Tom Bevan, Client

The Healthy Eating Clinic surprised me. Not knowing what to expect for my first consultation, the admin greeting was warm and productive. The interview with the dietitian taught me a lot about myself that I was ignorant about.

John Crawley, Client

Fabulous client service. Professionalism was outstanding. Nutritional information and advice was excellent. Team are friendly warm and very supportive. Recommend The Healthy Eating Clinic to anyone needing some professional and encouraging support in regards to changing dietary practices and creating a healthy, happy and well balanced lifestyle. Thank you for the help provided. 🙂

Nadine Knight, Client

My dietitian led me expertly down the path to new eating habits to help keep my Blood Sugar readings LOW. She listened to my background health story with great empathy & understanding and I felt very safe & secure knowing she will be there for me when needed. The receptionist was also very efficient & understanding of my needs.
BRAVO Healthy Eating Clinic

Caroline Enge, Client

Honestly I was nervous about seeing a dietitian for the first time, I was fully expecting to be told that everything I was doing was wrong and to follow a strict new diet. However the dietitian was genuinely interested in understanding my lifestyle and where I was at and working on what small things I could change for the better. They was respectful and knowledgeable and able to communicate a heap of information clearly. I left feeling positive and enthusiastic about my new plan.

Tessa Jensen, Client

Followed my wife there but found them less daunting than expected. It is a very positive approach, focusing on what you can do and how to keep yourself satisfied, rather than just highlighting what should be excluded. They also go out of their way to work with my wife and I together, making the whole process much easier.

Martin Teasdale, Client
dietitian, dietitians, healthy eating, nutrition


Here’s everything you’ll get with your 12-week weight loss program.

All you have to do is commit to 12 weeks and have an open mind to change the way you eat! We’ll do the rest!

One-On-One Consultations

Meet with your dietitian for eight sessions over 12 weeks for education, support, accountability and encouragement.

Sessions include:

  • 2x 1-hour consultations
  • 6x 30-minute consultations

Individualised Meal Plans

Start your journey with an individualised kick-start meal plan.

Over the 12-week program, we’ll tweak this meal plan as-you-go and give you the skills and knowledge to make food choices and create meal plans for yourself long term.

Body Composition Scans

Get a more accurate measure of your progress throughout the program with the InBody 570 body composition scanner.

Sessions include:

  • 3x body scans (week 1, 6 & 12)*

Recipes & Resources

This program is set up to get you results, however, we also aim to equip you with the knowledge, skills and routines to keep going on your own.

You’ll receive recipes, resources and tailored advice at each of your sessions.

One-on-One Sessions

dietitian, dietitians

This program is available via video or face-to-face at our Woden and Gungahlin clinics.

All 8 consultations are booked in advance at a time that suits you best.*

Start anytime.

* While we’ll endeavour to give you the time that suits you, we’re experiencing high booking volume and may not be able to accommodate all booking requests.

Download the Program Outline

dietitian, dietitians

Download the full 12-week program to see what we’ll cover in your consultations.


Private Health Insurance

dietitian, dietitians

Please check with your health fund prior to purchasing to discuss whether pre-paid programs with a dietitian are covered with your insurance.

This is at the discretion of the insurer and out of our control.

Please contact us to chat more.

dietitian, dietitians, healthy eating, nutrition


$819 upfront, one-off payment

Limited spots available. Reserve your spot today. Terms and conditions apply.


  • One-on-one Consultations – valued at $930

  • Individualised Meal Plans – valued at $99

  • Body Composition Scans* – valued at $90

  • Recipes and Resources – valued at $39

This program is valued at over $1100 if you were to purchase these services separately. You save 30% when you commit to 12-weeks AND you get results!

* Body composition scans are not available to interstate clients or during COVID-19 lockdowns. In this instance we will credit your account with an additional 30 minute support consultation that you can use after the program has completed which is a great way to check in and maintain your results.

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