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Get a precise measure of your muscle and fat mass.

Ditch Daily Weighing

When you stand on a set of scales and measure your weight, you’re not getting a true picture of what’s going on inside you. Your total weight is effected by:

  • Your fluid (body water) levels

  • How much you’ve eaten

  • If you’ve exercised or not

  • The time of the day

  • Muscle mass

  • Fat mass

Maximising muscle mass and decreasing fat mass are key indicators of healthy changes to your body composition that don’t necessarily show up on a basic set of scales. A comprehensive scan of your body composition is the best method to track positive changes and measure the effectiveness of your nutrition and exercise strategies.

Get the Full Story

We offer detailed body composition analysis with the InBody 570 scanner at our both our Harrison and Woden offices in Canberra.

This simple body scan, taking less than 3 minutes, precisely measures YOUR unique body composition

You’ll be provided with a detailed, full-page report with your measurements of:

  • Total skeletal muscle mass

  • Total body fat in kilograms

  • Total body fat percentage

  • Visceral fat

  • Total body water

  • Segmental muscle and fat analysis

  • Bone mineral content

  • Basal metabolic rate

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