I am currently studying a Bachelor of Human Nutrition at the University of Canberra as I have a passion for nutrition and wellbeing.

I have always loved to cook and have been heavily involved in sport from a young age, which has sparked my love for nutrition and driven me to start my degree.

Working at The Healthy Eating Clinic is a great opportunity to continue following this passion, as I am working alongside dietitians who have so much experience and knowledge. You will find me behind the desk and on the phones at both our Harrison and Woden clinics, working in the customer service team to assist in everything running smoothly. I love being able to talk to people and organise in a workplace that is also passionate about nutrition.

Q&A with Caitlin:

What’s your favourite food?

My favourite food is sushi. There are so many fresh and delicious combos!

What’s your favourite cooking method?

I love to bake! I have a major sweet tooth and love trying new recipes.

How did you become interested in nutrition?

I grew up involved in sport and have always loved to cook, so as I worked harder to improve my fitness and try new foods, my interest in nutrition grew.

What’s your superpower?

Multitasking! I always have a million things on the go at once.

5 organisation tips that help you eat well:

  1. Don’t grocery shop on an empty stomach! Planning ahead leads to much better choices.
  2. If in doubt, double the recipe! You can’t go wrong with leftovers; it will help you have a good lunch already prepared for the next day.
  3. Write a list of your favourite go-to recipes that are easy to make even when you’re tired.
  4. Aim for balance over restriction. Occasionally having dessert or going out for ice-cream with friends, instead of cutting everything out, is a great way to continue to enjoy food without overindulging.
  5. Water intake is as important as food! Invest in a nice drink bottle to motivate you to drink more water.
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