So, you finally drag yourself to see your doctor or local dietitian because you’re tired and fed up with always feeling: bloated, gassy, nauseous and just outright ‘blah’. Chances are your doctor or dietitian has recommended trialling a low FODMAP diet – one of the only scientifically approved diets for the symptom management of ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’.  This diet may seem overwhelming initially, because the first thought that runs through your mind is, ‘well what can I eat!’. But fear not!

Here are our favourite low FODMAP snacks to help get you through:

1. Mini-salad combos

Mini salad combo’s are the perfect snack and are a good opportunity to add another serve or two of veg into your day! If you want to be extra organised, why not make a big batch of a couple of different combos and keep them in the fridge for when you need them?

My tips for making a great salad are:  

  • Choose a base: a small handful of any type of lettuce, rocket, spinach, kale, or alfalfa sprouts.
  • Add in a couple of low FODMAP vegetables or fruits for fillers: cherry tomatoes, strawberries, capsicum, or 1 cup of green beans.
  • Finish with a protein.

Combo 1: Rocket + cherry tomatoes + alfalfa sprouts + quinoa.

Combo 2:  Spinach + olives + strawberries + 80g grilled chicken.

Combo 3: Spinach + roasted capsicum + green beans + 1 hard boiled egg.

2. Nourish bowls

These seem to be the latest trend, and I agree they are creative and delicious! The great thing about nourish bowls are that you can literally throw anything into them. Nourish bowls can be used as a snack or converted into a main meal.

My tips for making a great nourish bowl combo:  

  • Choose a flavour. For example: Mexican, Moroccan, Chinese, Thai.
  • Add in a carbohydrate base: quinoa or rice are good options.
  • Choose a couple of low FODMAP vegetables for the fillers. Try using a small handful of lettuce or spinach, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, 1 cup cooked eggplant.
  • Finish with a source of protein.

Combo 1 Mexican bowl: ½ cup cooked brown rice + iceberg lettuce + cherry tomatoes + capsicum + 80g grilled chicken + lemon juice + coriander.

Combo 2 Moroccan bowl: ½ cup cooked quinoa + cherry tomatoes + eggplant + spinach + 1 hard boiled egg + olive oil + cumin.

Combo 3 Chinese bowl: ½ cup cooked rice + 50g grilled tofu + bok choy + sesame oil.

3. Yoghurt combos (lactose free or alternatives, like coconut)

Gone are the days where you can’t have yoghurt if you are lactose intolerant – there are so many alternatives. From lactose-free to soy to coconut, yoghurt combos are a great solution for that 3pm craving of ‘anything sweet’. They are also a staple snack option for a low FODMAP diet. Make your yoghurt a bit more interesting with these flavour combos.

My tips for making a great yoghurt combo: 

  • Start with a great low fat (or reduced fat) natural yoghurt or alternative. For example: ¾ cup Greek yoghurt, ¾ cup soy yoghurt, ¾ cup coconut yoghurt.
  • Choose a couple of ‘fillers’. For example: handful of blueberries, 1 kiwi fruit, ½ banana.
  • Add a sprinkle of flavour. For example: 1 tbsp. of chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or chocolate drops!

Combo 1: Blueberries + chia seeds + rice bran.

Combo 2: Kiwi fruit + strawberries + sunflower seeds.

Combo 3: Banana + pumpkin seeds.

4. Homemade dips

Homemade dips are a great work lunch-box addition that can be paired with low FODMAP vegetable sticks or gluten free rice crackers or alternatives. You could be extra prepared and make a big batch and freeze extra into large ice-cube containers. Homemade dips are extremely easy to make.

Here are my tips on how to make a bulk quick and easy dip:  

  • Choose your dip flavour of choice by choosing any low FODMAP vegetables. For example: 1 eggplant, 1 capsicum, 1 sweet potato, 1 zucchini.
  • Choose a cooking method (roasting, boiling, grilling).
  • Once your vegetables of choice have been cooked, blend away!
  • Add different flavours and blend! For example: 1 cup lactose free yoghurt, ½ a lemon juiced, 2 tsp. salt, 2 tsp. cumin, 2 tsp. saffron, handful mint, 2 tbsp. olive oil.

Combo 1: Zucchini + lemon juice + salt + lactose free yoghurt.

Combo 2: Roasted capsicum + saffron + olive oil.

Combo 3: Sweet potato + cumin + lactose free yoghurt.

Combo 4: Eggplant + mint + olive oil.

5. Cracker toppings

Crackers are a great alternative to dense gluten free bread and are so easy to prepare! Try rice cruskits, they are FODMAP certified. Click here to find other FODMAP certified foods.

My tips for making a great cracker topping: 

  • Choose a base of low FODMAP approved crackers. For example: 2 rice cruskits.
  • Add a couple of ‘fillers’. For example: handful of alfalfa spouts, 3-4 slices of tomato, 3-4 slices of cucumber.
  • Add a protein source to help keep you fuller for longer. For example: 1 small tin tuna, 1 boiled egg, 60g ham, 2 tablespoons cottage cheese, or 30g feta.

Combo 1: Tuna + feta cheese + alfalfa sprouts.

Combo 2: Hard boiled egg + cottage cheese.

Combo 3: Tomato + ham + cucumber.

6. Smoothies

Packed with a tonne of vitamins and minerals, smoothies are a nutritious snack! Smoothies are super easy to make and the combinations are endless.  Whether they are fruit based or milk based (lactose free or alternatives) smoothies are a great snack option to get you through!

My tips for making a great smoothie combo: 

  • Decided on a base: fruit, vegetable, dairy (or alternative) or a combination of ingredients?
  • Choose a couple of ‘fillers’. For example: handful of berries, lime juice, 1-2 passion fruits, ½ banana, ½ orange, ½ carrot, 250ml milk (or an alternative).

Combo 1: Mint + lime + pineapple.

Combo 2: Passionfruit + orange + carrot.

Combo 3: Blueberries + banana + lactose free milk (or an alternative).

Combo 4: Strawberries + blueberries + raspberries + lactose free milk (or an alternative).

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